Aidan I am

"Lets be honest here, Im glad! She had no right to make it this far and if she wasnt a nasty, then her butt would been kicked faster than a football."

He was cast on Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Maraamu Tribe.

He finished 3rd; voted off on day 32.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-5

Aidan's game for the for the first 13 days was very simple. He just won. He was a contributing member of the Maraamu Tribe and was not chosen to switch. He never went to tribal council early in the game.


Episodes 6-8

Maraamu finally went to tribal council on night 15. Aidan, however smartly, joined an alliance with Austin and João that targetted the 'nasty' players in the game. He was part of the vote that sent Diego out on night 15. He went on to almost win the special immunity challenge in episode 7, but he faltered at the end to his ally João. However, his alliance successfully targeted Joe, a 'nasty', at tribal council. His tribe won immunity like usual in episode 8.


Episodes 9-11

Aidan went with the flow for the votes against Eshy, and he was overjoyed and celebrated Dakota's departure. He did have to make a tough decision in episode 11 though. Ultimately, he was one of the swing votes that chose to send home Josh instead of Veronica.


Episodes 12-13

Aidan seemed to be allies mostly with João and Austin still going into night 28. However, Stan lied to Aidan and convinced him that Austin was targeting him. This led to Austin's shocking exit. Aidan was upset at being bamboozled by Stan. He joined forces with João and Ben to vote Stan off on night 30.


Episodes 14-15

João won immunity on day 31, and Aidan targeted Veronica in hopes that João would join him. However, João made a deal with Veronica to get himself to the final 2 by keeping her. This led to Ben leaving on night 31. Veronica won the final immunity challenge on day 32. Aidan's, rightly, suggested that he was the easier final opponent. However, Veronica honored her deal with João and sent Aidan packing.



Aidan voted for João to win the game on finale night. He felt João played the better game and was the better friend.


Voting History

Aidan's Voting History
Tribal Council Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
6 Diego Ben and Eshy Diego
7B Joe Josh Joe
9 Eshy Eshy Eshy
10 - Dakota
11 Josh Josh
12 Austin Ben Austin
13 Stan Veronica Stan
14 Veronica Ben
15 - Veronica Aidan