Hi I Austin

"I learned quite a bit about myself during the game. I learned that my strongest asset is undoubtedly my social bonds."

He was cast on Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Maraamu Tribe.

He finished 6th; voted off on day 28.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-8

Austin was part of and eventually became leader of the dominant Maraamu Tribe. He won several challenges singlehandedly. At the tribe swap he traded away 3 of his closer allies (Stan, Veronica, and Drew), however this didn't seem to effect his game. He was also the leader of a three man alliance (him, Aidan, and João) that led the charge to eliminate Diego and Joe due to them being 'nastys'.


Episodes 9-10

Austin continued running the show at the merge. He was a big part of Eshy being voted off. He was also overjoyed when Dakota was finally put out of the game. He was able to win the final 7 immunity challenge. Afterwards, he was able to pick and choose his allies and may have been the determining vote in sending Josh home.


Episode 11

Austin opened day 25 (this episode) very strong winning a reward challenge that earned him the right to add a player to the jury. However, for all Austin was good at; he still had his faults. He never wanted to play the role of dictator and try to tell others what to do. This allowed for a very hectic tribal council at the final 6. Little did Austin know, his old ally Stan had decided to turn on him and convinced Aidan to do the same. Funnily, two votes was enough to send Austin packing.



Austin cast his vote for João to win Season 1: Marquesas. He felt that João was the only member of the final 2 to actually play the game. He was selected as the recipiant of the Ozzy Award honoring his physical gameplay.


Voting History

Austin's Voting History
Tribal Councils Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
6 Diego Diego
7B Joe Joe
9 Eshy Eshy
8 - Dakota
9 (won immunity) Josh Josh
10 (won reward) Ben Aidan and Stan Austin

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