"Dude, I'd do more, but only a few people can do the challenges, and I never get picked."

He was cast on Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Rotu Tribe. He was one of the 'nastys' in the game.

He finished 4th; voted off day 31.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-3

Ben was a member of the terrible Rotu Tribe early in the game. He did receive some votes early due to inactivity but managed to survive. He tried to have Josh voted off on night 9 but failed.


Episodes 4-8

Rotu Tribe leader, DB, chose to send Ben to Maraamu on Day 10. He tried to contribute to his new tribe but was largely ineffective. Even more worrisome, Maraamu began voting out the 'nastys' they could indentify. This put Ben in a bad postition. Luckily for him, Maraamu won the majority of the challenges and had 'nastys' more evident than himself (Diego and Joe).


Episodes 9-12

Ben made the merge and received immunity until the final 6 due to the 'nasty' twist. He didn't influence many votes and mostly harped about how the 'nastys' would be picked off following the end of their immunity. Ironically, Ben gave the final 6 immunity he won to Veronica his target for many votes. When the immunity ended for tribal council 12 he was targetted by only Austin. Luckily for Ben, Stan's targetting of Stan that night saved him.


Episodes 13-14

Ben actually voted with an alliance of João and Aidan on night 30 to eliminate Stan; whom was targetting him. However, Ben once again became inactive in the game after that. At the final 4 tribal council, Joâo ultimately decided to vote Ben out in order to keep Veronica in the game.



Ben did not vote at the finale but her jury vote was given to Veronica.


Voting History

Ben's Voting History
Tribal Council Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
2 Ben Himself and Rich Ryan
3 Josh Josh Jason
6 Aidan Josh Diego
7B Josh Joe
9 (Nasty Immunity) Veronica Eshy
10 (Nasty Immunity) - Dakota
11 (Nasty Immunity) Veronica Josh
12 (Gave immunity to Veronica) Aidan Austin Austin
13 Stan Stan Stan
14 Ben Himself, João, and Veronica Ben