9. DB

"I loved the game, just had a bad tribe, and bad events that happened."

DB was a member and eventual leader of the Rotu Tribe during Season 1 of MMA's Survivor.

He finished 10th; voted off on day 19.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-3

DB was part of the doomed Rotu Tribe from the beginning. He was active enough that he was not an early target. He also voted with the majority that eliminated Ryan and Jason.


Episodes 4-6

Following Jason's departure, DB became the new Rotu Tribe leader. However, he couldn't change his tribes fate. He became very tight with Tyler, and, over the next several days, the two got Drew and Rich voted out of the game. On day 14, Rotu won its first and only immunity challenge.


Episodes 7-8

The first major blow to DB's game came when he was unable to save his main ally Tyler on day 17, in spite of his immunity win. This left him with Veronica and Stan as his only tribemates. A mistake by he and Stan cost the tribe the final immunity challenge on day 18. DB briefly tried to convince Stan to vote off Veronica, but it failed. In spite, of only surviving to the half way point of the game, DB certainly made an impact.



He was selected as the Jerri Award winner at the finale. This honored him as the forlorn character he was during the season.


Voting History

DB's Voting History
Tribal Councils Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
2 Ryan Ryan
3 Josh (changed to Jason) Jason
4 Drew Drew
5 Rich Rich
6 ROTU Diego
7A (won special immunity) Veronica Tyler
8 Stan Veronica and Stan DB