4. Drew

"I'll be more active."

Drew was originally on the Maraamu Tribe. He switched to Rotu during the course of the season.

Drew finish 15th; voted off on day 11.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-3

Drew was a member of the Maraamu Tribe for the first 10 days of the game. He never went to tribal and had a close bond with tribe leader Austin.


Episode 4

Drew was sent to the Rotu Tribe because Austin expected a twist that didn't come. He was immediately in trouble for being less active than Stan or Veronica whom switched with him. Additionally, Stan and Veronica had bonds on the other tribe that Drew didn't. He wasn't voted off fairly easily.


Voting History

Drew's Voting History
Tribal Councils Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
4 Stan Veronica, DB, Tyler, and Rich Drew