Joao win

"It was my first survivor played in TG and I won it!"

He was cast on Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Maraamu Tribe.

He won the season after 33 days.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-5

João's early game was easy due to him being on the always winning Maraamu Tribe. He was lucky enough not to get traded and also proved himself a hell of an asset in designer challenges and won the flag design challenge.


Episodes 6-8

Maraamu finally lost a challenge on day 14. João joined an allianced created by Austin (that included Aidan) to vote off 'nastys'. They succeeded in voting off a 'nasty' in Diego on night 15. João won the special immunity challenge the following day to guarantee his safety until the merge. His voting block again targeted and successfully removed a 'nasty', Joe, on night 17.


Episodes 9-11

João won the first immunity challenge after the merge, a design challenge. He continuously targeted Veronica at tribal council. However, Austin kept her protected. Still, João maintained a well liked position in the group and benefited later by not voting for future jurors.


Episodes 12-13

João targeted Stan, an ex-Rotu member, on night 28 because of Veronica being given immunity by Ben. He was shocked, angered, and disappointed when Austin was blindsided. He led the charge on night 30 to avenge Austin. He won immunity that day and successfully voted with Ben and Aidan to get Stan out of the game.


Episodes 14-15

He was able to win the final 4 immunity challenge on day 31. It seemed like Veronica would be the obvious target. However, João made a deal with her to get him to the final 2. This led to Ben leaving that night. Veronica did win the final immunity challenge and kept her word; sending Aidan home.



João drilled his social and physical gameplay into the juries head on night 33. In the end, he convinced enough of them to look past the niceness of Veronica and award his gameplay. He was declared the winner of MMA's Survivor Season 1: Marquesas with 4 votes. He was also the recipient of the Sandra Award. It should be noted that he never received a vote against him the entire game.


Voting History

João's Voting History
Tribal Council Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
6 Diego Diego
7B (special immunity) Joe Joe
9 (immunity) Veronica Eshy
10 - Dakota
11 Veronica Josh
12 Stan Austin
13 (immunity) Stan Stan
14 (immunity) Ben Ben
15 - Aidan
16 (Votes to win!) Aidan, Austin, Josh, and Eshy Veronica