12. Josh

"I tried forming a new alliance after the merge but I guess it was to late."

He was cast in Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Rotu Tribe.

He finished 7th; voted off on day 24.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-3

Josh was stuck on the doomed Rotu Tribe early in the game. In addition, several members of his tribe targeted him very early in the game. An alliance/friendship with Tyler was able to keep him in the game early on.


Episodes 4-8

On day 10, Josh was switched to the Maraamu Tribe in a twist. For the first time in the game, he became a valuable challenge player. He helped his new tribe win the immunity challenges in episodes 4 and 5. He proved a be a 'nice' which also took the target off his back.


Episodes 9-11

Josh made the merge and said his intentions were to start making alliances. He was able to avoid the first bout after the merge and watched as Dakota left. However, he still had not created the necessary bonds by day 24. He rallied to try and get the former Maraamu members to target Veronica. It failed, however, and Josh was sent packing.



Josh cast his vote for João to win Season 1: Marquesas. He asked a question at the final tribal council, and he felt only João appropriately answered it.


Voting History

Josh's Voting History
Tribal Councils Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
2 Josh Himself Ryan
3 Ben Ben, Rich, DB (changed vote to Jason) Jason
6 Ben Diego
7B Aidan Ben Joe
9 Eshy Eshy
10 - Dakota
11 Veronica Veronica, Aidan, Stan, and Austin Josh