DrewEllieEpisode 1: "You guys are really really bad."
Episode 2: "I have NO idea what to do here!"EshyJason
MMAjunkieX's Survivor WikiRichRyan
S1: Episode 10: "Will never be missed..."S1: Episode 11: "Sorry dude."S1: Episode 12: "The biggest blindside yet!"
S1: Episode 13: ""Eliminate all ex-Rotus!"S1: Episode 14: "The Right Thing to Do."S1: Episode 15: "May the best person win!"
S1: Episode 1: The New Johnny Fairplay isS1: Episode 1: The New Johnny Fairplay is...S1: Episode 2: Dang Ryan is Banned
S1: Episode 3: In a Horrible PlaceS1: Episode 4: "Hmm, I made my first mistake."S1: Episode 5: "It is me or Tyler tonight."
S1: Episode 6: "I hear you're nasty, so you gotta go!"S1: Episode 7: "I lied; its Maraamu and Rotu."S1: Episode 8: "Costing us all immunities... GTFO!"
S1: Episode 9: "Nah. We're screwed."S1: Finale: "Brother, you rocked this game!"S2: Superbad
StanSurvivor 1: MarquesasTyler
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