Camp Life (Day #23)Edit

Camp life began as normal at first. However, the unthinkable happened... Dakota was stung by a sea urchin today. Nobody felt like pissing on him so he was medically evicted (7 days offline). This leaves only 7 of you in the game. Needless to say the majority of the cast was very happy about this happening. This did mean that a reward challenge would be needed to replace Dakota on the jury. The final 7 were clear and free to degrade him now.

- Austin- "There was nothing better for this game than Dakota being evicted. It gave me more joy than you could possibly imagine. I hate useless fucks being around, and he was more useless than every fuck alive. Great decision by that thing that stung him :D."

- Aidan- "Lets be honest here, Im glad! She had no right to make it this far and if she wasnt a nasty, then her butt would been kicked faster than a football."

- Josh- "I think that is good for my game."

- Stan- "Finally, this guy didn't deserve immunity, now its 4v2 for good, so me and ben are done for ."

- Veronica- "Bye dakota."

- João- "Will never be missed..."

- Ben- "Being a nasty since the merge has made me feel safe enough to be currently unenvolved. Where the nasty's will get


João's Winning Flag

6th and 5th."


Additionally, the results of the flag designing challenge were revealed. Once again João proved to be the best designer of the season.


Dakota's game ended abruptly and way too late.

11. Dakota Out

Sea Urchin victim.