Camp Life (Day #31)Edit

Not much occurred in the camp. Aidan, João, and Ben were content with Stan leaving. Veronica was too inactive to really care.

The "Rites of Passage" forced the final 4 to recollect on their time in the game.

thumb|left|500px|Rites of Passage for the F4


Individual Immunity Challenge #5 (Day #31)

The crucial final 4 challenge was set.

Individual Immunity #5 [Day #31]= THE PLAYERS OF THE GAME

1. It is time to see if you remember those that helped bring you here.

2. I will post a question about something that someone did in this game and you will mail me the answer.

3. You will have 1 minute from the time I ask the question to mail me an answer.

4. A total of 14 questions will be asked. You score a point to start as long as you did the Rites of Passage well... which some of you didn't!!!

5. The person with the most points wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the Final 3.

6. A tiebreaker is available if we are tied after 14 questions.


João won the important immunity by virtue of being the only player to show up.


Post Challenge (Day #31)

Not much occurred after the challenge. An important conversation between João and Veronica did take place though.


Tribal Council 14 (Day #31)

At tribal council it seemed as if Ben's inactiveness would do him in. Aidan promised his game wasn't over.

Aidan- "It is very big deal. We are so close to the end and I'm certain that we will be fighting hard to stay in."


In the end, João and Veronica's new friendship and a self-vote sent Ben packing.


The Vote (Day #31)

3 votes for Ben.

- Self-vote

- João- "Ben, I don't know why, I just feel is the right thing to do..."

- Veronica- "He has not been online for three days now and I think that the f3 should be online at least some of the time."

1 vote for Veronica.

- Aidan- "To be honest out of you and Ben, I have no chance of beating you. You played a brilliant social game and I know that you would get sympathy votes. It was a joy playing with you <3."


Ben being offline for several days was enough to seal his fate.

Ben Out

6th Jury Member