Individual Immunity Challenge #6 (Day #31)Edit

The stage was set...

Individual Immunity #6 [Day #31]= LAST ONE STANDING

1. Welcome to your final immunity challenge. The winner will not only make the final 2 but will decide who sits next to them. 2. This challenge will require two things concentration and dedication to this game.
3. You are all on a pole hanging over the ocean. The last person left standing will win immunity.
4. You must post the word balance every 30 minutes to avoid falling in the water.
5. However, you will receive break periods during the challenge. One 10 hour break and one 5 hour break.
6. To take your break simply post '5 hour break' or '10 hour break'. You must post within 30 minutes of the breaks completion or you will fall.
7. Ask me any question about it before the challenge starts.
8. The challenge will begin at 8 PM eastern tonight [12/16] which means you must post something by 8:30 PM.

F3 Chal.

Final Showdown.


At the thirty minute mark of the challenge Aidan was already history.

Veronica- "Balance."

João- "Balance."


However, this wouldn't last long...

João- "Shoot! Forgot to come back! Congrats Veronica on winning!"

Veronica won the final immunity and the right to choose her opponent.


Tribal Council 15 (Day #32)

Veronica was tough making a tough decision. She clearly had the better relationship with João. However, Aidan was clearly the easier person to beat at the end. Aidan made his case for the final 2 at tribal council.

Aidan- "I think she has a better chance of beating me."

However, ever loyal Veronica kept her word and relationship with João and finished Aidan's game.


The Vote (Day #32)

1 vote for Aidan.

- Aidan- "Sorry I already know u I am taking to f2 with me...u both played a great game but I made a promise and I am keeping it. João you are in F2 congrats... Sorry Aidan, but I believe in keeping my promises and João and I talked yesterday and I promised him if I won immunity I would take him to f2. MMA, my decision is to take josh to F2."


João said his goodbyes and began buttering up the jury.

João- "Aidan, I love you man. Veronica, I'll be eternally grateful! Love you! And may the best person win!"


After 32 days Aidan's journey came to an end... the power was shifted to the jury for the end of the game.


Aidan Out

7th Juror.

Final Words:

"Thank you so much for hosting your wonderful group!!! It was immensely fun please continue to do this. I'll be watching the other seasons."