Camp Life (Day #1)Edit

The sixteen contestants first met on day #1 and were told the rules of game and given the twist of the season... 6 members amongst them were secretly villainous scoundrels.

Rotu flag

The Rotu Tribe (which means rain) would always wear blue and consisted of Ben, DB, Diego, Ellie, Jason, Josh, Rich, Ryan, and Tyler.

Maramu revised

The Maraamu Tribe (which means wind) would always wear light green and consisted of Aidan, Austin, Dakota, Drew, Eshy, João, Joe, Stan, and Veronica.


Each tribe had 3 Nasty members.

Rotu had...

- Diego, a known villain of the tengaged site.

- Ben, a player that was bad in attitude and sometimes in gameplay.

- Ryan, a leader of villains in every way.

Maraamu had...

- Stan, a good player that was cut throat and had a bad attitude.

- Dakota, a fairly unknown player that liked calling people bitches.

- Joe, a cutthroat group game player.


Tribes were also given the task of choosing a tribe leader that help guide them.

Rotu seemed very passive on the subject.

Meanwhile, Maraamu rallied around the experienced and funny Austin.

Austin- "Looking at this tribe, we're gonna fry :)."


The second the tribe hit their beaches the game began...

At Rotu Tyler immediately emerged as the scrambler and created a base alliance with Rich and Diego.

Meanwhile Maraamu remained for chill and chose to joke around.

Stan- "Austin is really weird, He likes Titans, like WDF?"


Immunity Challenge #1 (Day #1)

Before the challenge could begin Ellie chose to quit the game for no apparent reason and abandon her tribe. In spite, of her tribes pleads for her to be logical she still left in disgrace on day #2.

1. Ellie Out


Post Challenge, Tribal Council, or Vote in episode 1 due to the quitter.