Yo Stan

"I might just vote out Austin. This could be the biggest blindside yet!"

He was cast on Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Maraamu Tribe. He was one of the 'nastys' in the game.

He finished 5th; voted off on day 30.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-3

The first 10 days of Stan's survivor expierence were quite relaxing. His tribe won all the challenges keeping him safe. He built bonds with Austin and Veronica during this time.


Episodes 4-5

Austin, accidently, had Stan sent to the Rotu Tribe on day 10. He didn't seem to have a great deal of knowledge as to what was going on. He was the only player to not vote Drew out on night 11. However, the bond of Rich and Veronica became a bigger threat than him. This put him in position as the swing vote on day 13. He chose to side with DB and Tyler and vote off Rich, who he perceived as weak.


Episodes 6-8

Rotu won immunity for the first and only time on day 14. On day 17, Stan became a power player in the game. He was tasked with the decision of deciding whom would go home between Tyler and Veronica. Stan made a smart decision and chose to send home Tyler ending the Tyler/DB duo. Rotu again went to tribal council on night 19 and Stan voted with Veronica to send DB home.


Episodes 9-11

Stan made the merge on day 20 and was given immunity until the final 6. Stan went with the flow as Eshy left and made more bonds out of necessity after Dakota was medically evacuated. at the 11th tribal council Stan chose to vote out Josh in order to keep his ally Veronica in the game.


Episodes 12-13

Stan made a big move on night 28 and chose to blindside Austin. He recruited Aidan to help him with this and lied to Aidan about Austin targetting him. This did the job to send Austin home. However, it made Stan seem untrustworthy to the rest of the tribe. He was voted off on night 30 getting all votes against him other than Veronica.



At the final Stan did suggest that João was the better player. However, his loyalty to Veronica ultimately won out, and he cast his vote for her to win the game. He was selected to receieve the Cesternino Award at the finale. This honored his strategic gameplay while on Rotu and partly in getting Austin out.


Voting History

Stan's Voting History
Tribal Councils Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
4 Rich Drew Drew
5 Rich Rich
6 ROTU Diego
7A Tyler Tyler
9 (Nasty Immunity) Eshy Eshy
10 (Nasty Immunity) - Dakota
11 (Nasty Immunity) Josh Josh
12 Austin João Austin
13 Ben João, Aidan, and Ben Stan