"I was surprised I didn't get voted out when I was not even active and felt bad that someone who was got voted out."

She was cast on Season 1 of MMA's Survivor. He was originally a member of the Maraamu Tribe.

She finished 2nd and lasted all 33 days.


Season 1: Marquesas

Episodes 1-3

Veronica came into the game and did what she did best. She made friends with everyone. Quickly, she created tight bonds with Stan and Austin that would last throughout the game. She, also, was lucky enough to be on the Maraamu Tribe that didn't attend any of the first 3 tribal councils.


Episodes 4-8

Unfortuately for her, Austin accidently sent her to Rotu on day 10. This made her vulnerable but did reunite her with her close friend Rich. However, she was willing and did vote off fellow former Maraamu memeber Drew on night 11. The following vote an effort was made by Tyler and DB of Rotu to separate Rich and Veronica. Stan sided with them and voted Rich out. Veronica was the next target of the Tyler/DB duo. However, Stan stuck by her and due to past votes Tyler was voted out. The tribe lost again once more, but Stan and Veronica remained together and voted for DB.


Episodes 9-11

Veronica did very little after the merge. Eshy and Dakota left with ease. Veronica was targeted by several long time Maraamu members, but her previous relationship with Austin and others kept her alive.


Episodes 12-13

Veronica had to deal with real life issues on night 28 of the game and seemed like she would definitely leave. However, Ben surprisingly gave his immunity to Veronica to keep her in the game. That night Austin was blindsided. The blindside led to Stan as a target at the following tribal where everyone other than Veronica voted for him.


Episodes 14-15

It seemed as if Veronica would be targeted next. Especially, after losing the final 4 immunity challenge she was vulnerable. However, João made a deal to save her and send Ben home in exchange for her taking him to the final two if she won the last challenge. Veronica survived that night and did indeed win the final immunity challenge. She kept her word to João and took him to the final 2.



Veronica spent much of her jury speeches saying that she felt João played better and should win. Still she surprising recieved 3 votes to win the game. Her and Rich delved further into their relationship at the finale as well.


Voting History

Veronica's Voting History
Tribal Councils Votes Votes Against Out
1 - Ellie
4 Drew Drew
5 Tyler Rich
6 ROTU Diego
7A Tyler DB and Tyler Tyler
9 Eshy João and Ben Eshy
10 - Dakota
11 Josh João, Ben, and Josh Josh
12 (given immunity) Veronica Herself Austin
13 Aidan Stan
14 Ben Aidan Ben
15 (Immunity) Adian Aidan
Finale (Votes to win!) - Ben, Stan, and Rich Veronica